February 2020 Newsletter

The views expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily the opinion of BMEA’s Board of Directors or the membership and are offered as an informational vehicle only.


 Thursday, February 13, 2020 | 4:45 pm

Barnstable Adult Community Center, Hyannis

Quarterly Meeting Agenda

  • Proposed budget
  • Vote on logo
  • Negotiations committee update
  • Available spots for stewards and committees
  • Election of Officers


Our current contract expires on June 30, 2020.  With that in mind, the Negotiation Committee is currently meeting with our employer but they are still is accepting any and all suggestions that you would like to be brought forward. There is a location on the new website that reads “Contact BMEA”.  Please fill out the required data and then forward your comments and suggestions.  Every comment/suggestion submitted will be brought forward during the negotiation process.  We cannot guarantee they will make it into the new contract but, we can guarantee they will be presented.

Negotiations are underway, and contract requests cannot be discussed. All those involved sign a contract to which they are bound and therefore it is not public information. Officers will give as much of an update as they can and fill you in on the process at the next meeting on February 13th.


Brian Taylor – Nominated for President

BMEA members,

 Please accept my candidacy for re-election as BMEA President.  Over the past year, I have strived to support all BMEA members, along with maintaining a positive relationship with our employer. It has been an honor to represent BMEA as a whole and have a part in our continued growth. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in my first year as BMEA President. If you are not currently involved as a BMEA member, please attend our annual meetings. I would like to engage all BMEA members in every opportunity possible. I look forward to representing you in 2020.

Charlie Lewis – Nominated for Vice President

I am a long term employee of the town and BMEA. I have been involved with union issues learning from my parents as a youngster. Early on I became involved with and have supported BMEA past and present leadership and the membership.

JoAnna Callahan – Nominated for Treasurer

Hello fellow BMEA members,

I am seeking re-election for the BMEA Treasurer position. This has been a year of learning and I look forward to continuing as your Treasurer. Over the past year I have changed our reporting to provide more details of actual spending to Budget which allows members to see where your membership dollars are being spent. I am working on the 2020 Budget and have taken into account investment gains and actual expenses to result in a meaningful budget that protects for the future but also allows for spending that is meaningful for you the members. Making BMEA meaningful to its members is something I feel strongly about but that takes member participation to make happen. This means members attending meetings and reaching out to your elected officers and board members so we know what direction to take the Association. I hope that more of you are able to participate in this process in the coming year.   I ask for your vote and look forward to serving as your Treasurer for another year.

Sarah Beal – Nominated for Secretary

I am happy to accept the nomination for the office of Secretary. I have been member of BMEA for almost 14 years and I currently serve on the Adult Party committee, the Newsletter committee, and the By-laws committee. I think that we are lucky to have the support of our union and I hope you will give me an opportunity to represent you.