Baker vetoes Janus bill allowing unions to charge nonmembers

The bill was a response to the Supreme Court’s Janus v. AFSCME decision last summer that barred unions from charging nonmembers agency fees. The court ruling undercut a key source of financing for public-sector unions, and the AFL-CIO and other labor leaders have been pressuring the Legislature for over a year to come to their … Continue reading Baker vetoes Janus bill allowing unions to charge nonmembers

Weingarten Rights & Card

In 1975, the Supreme Court ruled on a case NLRB vs. Weingarten, Inc. which gave individuals the right to have union representation with them in investigatory interviews. Once an employee asks for a representative, the employer has three options; 1. Stop questioning until the representative arrives. 2. Call off the interview. 3. Tell the employee the interview … Continue reading Weingarten Rights & Card

In the News

Local, regional and national union News The Town of Barnstable has recently developed an Employee Handbook. “The contents of the Handbook and the policies and procedures described in it are presented as a matter of information and general guidance only.” Remember, most issues in the handbook are subject to bargaining. Check your contract to see … Continue reading In the News